Customers are drawn, more than anything, to products that look good and the first appearance is the packaging.

With a strong technical background and a sound specialization in the watch and jewelry market, we are today manufacturing packaging to a wide range of well-known brands.  We have a unique knowhow of different materials like fabric, acrylic, wood & paper for packaging of the watch and jewelry industry. Yearly providing our numerous clients with packaging of their unique brand.   


Packing does makes a difference! - beside aside protection - talk to us!



We can be your trusted partner for design, prototype, manufacture of in-store essential materials for an enhanced retail presence. 

Displays, stands, sales cases and bags are the core items we manufacture. Numerous years of experience and dedication have given valuable knowledge of the inside-out of the production processes to detect and solve issues for the benefit of our customer.  

Point of sales material does makes a difference -  talk to us!